5 Office Renovation Tips You Don’t Want To Ignore


1. Decide On Your Budget

Yes, before you even do anything, you need to decide first and foremost on your budget. Money is ALWAYS a resource that needs to be managed, regardless if it’s a small or big job. The good news is, you’re completely in charge in deciding on your budget. The bad news is, no one can help you decide.

Your budget is the BIG picture. Without it, you can’t complete the puzzle. So, before you do anything else, decide on your renovation budget.


2. Decide On Your Timeline

Next is, your timeline. When would you like to complete the project completed? As much as we would like to say yesterday, and get it done immediately, we have to be realistic. Renovation do take time. However, we still need to get a reasonable timeframe to work on so that the contractors do not slack, and have an objective to work towards to.

Time is money right?


3. Getting Professional Help

If all you’re doing is having a fresh coat of paint, then all you’ll need are some painting contractors. However, if you’re doing anything more than that, it’s always advisable to get an interior designer to help with the design. Let’s face it, just like not everyone’s born to be an artist, we all have to agree that not everyone has an eye for design. Unless you have a knack for design (heck then why aren’t you in this industry?), you wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of thousands on your renovation only to regret it much later.

While the price of hiring an interior designer is not cheap (don’t worry, it’s still reasonable), the price of doing it all wrong by yourself can cost you a whole lot more!


4. Choosing Your Contractors

If you have worked with certain contractors before, and have positive experience in dealing with them, then you might be able to get away with going ahead with them.

However, if you do not have a reliable contractor whom you have worked with before, it’s better to have your interior designer to also handle the ‘building’ part of it. Being heavily involved in the design stage, they are the best person to bring that design into reality. Also, with their vast network of contacts, and experience in this industry, they can surely save you a lot of mistakes, hassle and money!


5. Invest In Storage

As much as storage is something not visible, and does not add any aesthetic value, it’s a necessary component of an office. If you do not pre-plan and design your office to have sufficient storage, you’ll notice very soon that your office will be one huge mess.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you :-)