5 Things Your Interior Designers Won’t Tell You



1. They’re Not The Right Fit

As much as interior designers are in the artistic trade, they are still in it for the money. It’s a business after all.

And during times of desperation, some interior decorators will conveniently not tell you that what you’re looking for is not their forte, or that they have not done such a thing before.


2. Cheaper Is Not Necessary Better

While we all understand that cost is a major factor, rather than purely looking for the cheapest designer, it’s better to determine a budget and work within it.

While not always the case, but a cheaper designer could also mean less experience, price dumping (which leads to less motivation and incentive to provide you with better quality work), etc.

Therefore, determine on your budget, and select the best interior designer to work with that fits it.


3. Your Style Or Theirs

It’s understandable that design is a very personal thing. And each designer has his or her personal take on it. However, an experienced designer will know how to incorporate YOUR OWN personality into your home/office. After all, you’re the one using the space for the next many years, not them.

As much as you should trust and value their work, don’t forsake your own preference and personality from the end result. Otherwise you will not enjoy your stay there.


4. They Have More Important Clients

It’s common knowledge that they will have a few clients simultaneously. What’s important though is for them to dedicate the same amount of attention to your project as much as they dedicate to another client whose budget is 5X yours. (Hint: this happens not only for interior designers, but contractors as well). Otherwise they will be delayed deadlines, or worse, quality is compromised. So, ask them how they allocate or manage their multiple projects.


5. You Don’t Need Them To Be Your Project Manager

Oftentimes, interior designers double up as project managers, hence the term, ‘Design & Build’. The reasoning is simple.

They have the contacts and experience, they are the ones who designed it. It’s their core business, they are specialist in this area. So who could be better suited in making it a reality.

However, if you’re on a really tight budget, and have a lot of time on hand, and it’s a small project, perhaps you can manage it on your own.

All you need from your interior designer is just the consultation and the drawings and plans. But DO BE PREPARED for a lot of time, frustration and commitment in managing it yourself.