7 Interior Design Trends For 2016



Interior design trends do come and go, but bad design will stay. If it’s badly designed, it’s badly designed, no matter what the current trend is.

So while you might want to follow the latest trends, keep in mind that nothing will compensate for bad design.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, here are some of our predictions on the hottest interior design trends in 2016!


1. Black Metals

We’re talking about black or dark gray metals such as stainless steel, cast iron or wrought iron, etc. The metals are creeping into our home in the form of appliances, furniture, backdrop design and bathroom fixtures.

Of course the black ranges from sleek black, piano black to matte black or shades of black.

Regardless, you can’t go wrong with black. It’s the classic ‘gold’ in design.


2. Round, Sleek & Sexy

Round, sleek and sexy! That’s Apple’s contribution to the design world and it’s even more evident with their MacBook Airs and latest iOS interface.

And it’s no wonder that round sleek and sexy is creating waves in the interior design world.

Sleek clean lines, minimalist look, and rounded edges can be seen in designs, furnitures and panels.

Who can resist the sexyness of running their hands along a slim sleek line with rounded corners. It just screams SEXY!


3. Back To Industrialisation

From raw metal to cemented walls and iron grille partitions, you’re better off looking for an original garage to stay in.

Jokes aside, even cafes are adopting the industrialist concept and it’s going to be soon before it invades our home.

We are already seeing this happening in furniture trends and studio styled condos, and personally, I do think it’s pretty cook.


4. Bathroom Haven

No longer is the bathroom the stepchild of the house. While previously the bathroom tends to look shitty (pardon the pun) as compared to the rest of the house, nowadays, they look as though you can sleep in it!

With funky cool colours, quality furnishings, and awesome rainshower and bathtubs, I’ll bet that you’ll be spending more time in it than ever before. Talk about living in the bathroom!


5. Back To Basics

The minimalist movement is gaining traction. Not just the minimalist lifestyle, the minimalist design has also caught on in the interior design space.

In a world of overconsumption, and wastage, and as space is getting scarcer, people are downsizing. Interior decorations are moving towards practicality and simplicity. Gone are the days of flashy showy items that serves no purpose.

Most designs nowadays are flirting with the concept of creating more space, or rather the perception of space, rather than cluttering up unnecessarily. It’s quality over quantity.


6. Textures And Patterns

There’s a strong push towards the use of patterned and textured tiles, especially so when it’s done tastefully on a featured wall or room. From the rugged brick panel walls, to modern patterned walls via wallpaper or tiles, homeowners are making an identity statement with them.

It just screams, this is who I am!


7. Pretty Pastel

You’ll see a come back of pastel tones as more and more people are buying into these soft muted tones. Am I not surprised at all considering that light colours help to add to the perception of space!