3 Office Design & Renovation Trends In 2016



1. Wall Hacking

Not literally, but offices are knocking down boundaries and access. Open is the new cool.

Team focused, co-sharing and open spaces are rocking the office space. Large worktables are preferred over smaller individual workstations.

This means less privacy, and more interruptions.

One way to overcome this, and yet have that perception of openness is to have low-height partitions instead of a full-scale wall or room.


2. Space Efficiency

As you know, real estate prices as escalated tremendously over the past few years. Rental has gone up in tandem.

Due to the high rental cost, companies are maximising every inch of their office space, making more out of less, getting more out of less.


3. Minimalism

As technology progresses, so does gadgets and work style.

Fixed fixtures are making way for mobile. Gone are the days of a traditional telephone, with a computer and monitor on the workdesk.

Mobile phones, tablets and laptops are replacing them faster than anyone can say hold on.

Bulky unnecessary furniture are making way for practical minimalistic pieces.